Hussy Housewife

Adventures in Homemaking, Erotic Living, and Other Miscillanea

I don't pretend to be an ordinary housewife.” - Elizabeth Taylor

Why I Started This Blog

At the insistence of our modern feminist society, I spent the last several decades trying to find a career that would suit me. I got a degree and countless certifications. I started various projects, launched business ideas, and creative endeavors…

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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself 

My channel is an intergalactic space jaguar from Lyra, a starseed if you will. She is the one who brings through the transformational medicine in my work. But my human, my woman? She is a Hussy Housewife. It’s the only…

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Housewife Daily Friday 4/1/22

Getting Back in the Flow 

So the housewife daily isn’t so daily after all. Sometimes I fall into these strange time warps and I’m just crawling out of it. Everyone is finally healthy again, thank God. The last few weeks…

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