Why I Started This Blog

At the insistence of our modern feminist society, I spent the last several decades trying to find a career that would suit me. I got a degree and countless certifications. I started various projects, launched business ideas, and creative endeavors, but none of them seemed to stick. I had thought there was surely something wrong with me, and I was miserable for it.  

The truth is that there wasn’t anything wrong with me or my desire to be a Hussy Housewife. The confusion came because we live in a highly masculine paradigm that has forgotten the value and tremendous gifts of the feminine. We have also forgotten that life is a team sport. Marriages are meant to be greater than the sum of their parts. To do that, it takes a unified vision where each attends to the roles necessary to be successful at life. It doesn’t matter who does what, so long as it gets done. Food has to be put on the table. The rent has to be paid. The children need to be educated and raised. The laundry needs to get done...etc.  

Further more, we are living in a time where there are so many options available to us, that it makes zero sense to not live a happy and fulfilled life. The secret to achieving that is honoring the truth of your being, not doing what you’re told by a corrupt and insane society. Traditionally, caretaking and homemaking were the roles of the more nurturing person in the household, usually women. Once it was proven that women could work for the greedy corporate machine as well, the narrative of what we “should” be changed.  

I think it’s so sad that women have been bamboozled into working their asses off 40+ hours a week and then still have to do all the things they were doing before. If having a career is the truth of your being, then I’m not talking about you. Too many women however, have been lied to about what it means to be a woman, a wife and a mother. They have been told they can have it all. You can have it all, but not the way they tell you. That is unless you don’t give a fuck about your health. Women are simply not built to hustle and grind like men. The rising cardiovascular and stress related health issues in the female population are proof of that.  

It is true that the modern societal structure does not support the luxury of having a feminine system anymore. It needs you to work and it needs you to work hard, for some, just to survive. For the rest who can afford it, the shame of wanting a more traditional life can be crippling. It is often assumed that a woman who is a homemaker has less value than those that are career driven. It is looked down upon by the majority. If you don’t believe me, just take a walk through twitter with the hashtag #homemaker or #housewife. Or swing on by Quora.com and ask a question like “Is it okay to be a housewife?”  

Now with the emergence of the Trad Wife movement, it’s getting even weirder out here for those of us that are more domestically inclined to be vocal and proud of who we are. I am not a career woman at all, but I don’t fit that submissive alt right extreme either. Not in the slightest. In fact, my arrival at such a traditional lifestyle has come about from being so untraditional that I landed right back at the beginning again. Life however, is actually a spiral. I am not in the same place as I started, but rather in a new and more aligned vantage point of what it means to be a feminine woman in the world today.  

My goal with this blog is threefold. One, to have a space for me to share my daily life in a candid and open way for my own personal expression. Two, to bring the sexy back to this housewife life, and Three, to hopefully inspire and teach you something new along the way. 


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