Housewife Daily Friday 4/1/22

Getting Back in the Flow 

So the housewife daily isn’t so daily after all. Sometimes I fall into these strange time warps and I’m just crawling out of it. Everyone is finally healthy again, thank God. The last few weeks I have been decluttering and deep cleaning. That took nearly an entire week of 8 hour days to get the living room and kids room done. 

It’s not that I haven’t been doing any hussy housewifing, I just haven’t felt like writing much. As it happens, I write while I walk on the treadmill, so I also haven’t done that in a few weeks. I did manage to get in a yoga class earlier this week. What I found at that class was that yoga is bullshit. A funny thing for a certified yoga instructor and future studio owner to say I know, but let me explain. 

Yoga is Bullsh*t 

What I realized in class is that yoga is just slow exercise. Now, there is definitely a spiritual and transformational aspect to yoga, but not the way most Americans are teaching it. For the most part, the yoga classes you go to are just asana practice. Asana is only one of the eight limbs of the yogic path. It is essentially the physical exercise that allows the body to be fit and supple enough for the meditation practice that is the fundamental essence of yoga. 

I walked away from that class pretty upset and disillusioned. Like if I wanted to work out, I can just do that at home. Why even bother going to a class? It did at least spark a philosophical debate in my mind as to how it is that I want to teach yoga when my studio is up and running. The truth is, I do teach transformational yoga. But the moves associated with yoga practice isn’t what does it. 

Yoga means union. Union with breath and union with the divine principle in all things. It also means union with the self. So truthfully, the yoga moves don’t matter at all. You can literally do anything, and if you do it mindfully and connect your breath to it, it’s considered yoga. 

Expanding My Recipe Repertoire 

That said, my practice lately has been finding new recipes to try. I can’t eat nightshades and have sorely missed marinara based meals. I scoured the internet and came across a recipe for Classic Nomato Sauce by Heal Me Delicious. Let me tell you that it is life changing. If you follow me on Instagram @hussyhousewife, I’ve been making reels of all of my food experiments. 

The first night I made spaghetti and meat sauce. Day 2 with the sauce I made gluten free deep dish pizza, and tonight I made a quick lasagna with the rest of it. It feels so damn good to have those comfort foods back in my life without all the discomfort of eating foods my body doesn’t like. For my next trick I’m going to make a gluten free sourdough starter, as the pizza crust recipe I used wasn’t my fav. 

Creative Projects 

As for my current mom crafts, I’m taking up some visual art. I’ve always wanted to be a painter, but alas, I am no good at it. It’s really confronting and intimidating to start as a complete beginner again, but I found that I needed a creative outlet that didn’t need words. I just sometimes don’t have them, as you may have noticed by the fact that I haven’t written a word in weeks. 

I’m starting off with a 30 day sketchbook challenge. I have a couple of other classes that I’m excited to dive into. I found them on and I absolutely love what I’ve gotten into so far. I highly recommend checking out their classes if you’re looking for something new to try. Not an ad, I just really love them. 

New Schedules 

I’ve also come to realize that having a full time nanny was cramping my hussy housewife vibes. So I’ve moved her schedule to leave me more time to get in my flow at the beginning of the week. Then she will come in and take over once I’ve had my fill, and am craving some time to myself. This also leaves more family time and opportunities to go out and explore the nature of our beautiful state. This will be a welcome respite from the triple digit heat that is coming sooner than I’d like. 

That’s all for now. I can’t say if the housewife daily will remain the housewife daily. I certainly could use a daily treadmill walk and writing time for sure. But who knows. We just go with the flow around here. Perhaps it will be more of a housewife weekly, or perhaps simply the diary of a hussy housewife so I can come and go as I please. We shall see. Whatever the case, talk to you soon. 

Happy Hussy Housewifin’!

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