About Penelope Badger

Penelope Badger is a spiritual channel, writer, and musician. Her mission is to utilize her gifts to restore the sacred erotic and assist others in the descension process of their spiritual awakening. 

As a writer, her goal is to translate the ineffable into words. Through writing she hopes to be a voice for those who cannot access or explain their deeper, darker feelings.

Who/What is The Rosetriune?

The Rosetriune is many things and no thing simultaneously. The Rosetriune is a vibe, a frequency, a collective of beings who are interested in the empowerment of the human race. It is a virtual temple where any and all can come and drink of the nectar of transformation and awakening that is ever present and readily available for all who seek it.

What is the 'Sacred Erotic'?

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...Making pleasure a sin, plunges the erotic into the shadows and robs you of your greatest power. There is of course danger in the erotic. The dark side of the light is the shadow self, the taboo, the shamed, the seemingly perverse, the daemon, so it must be handled with care. It is not however the antithesis of light work, it is the continuation of it.

Do not plunge into the shadows without first seeking the light. The light of the divinity in you must go with you as you plummet into the depths of yourselves. You must know how to return back to the surface and not stay too long in the underworld, lest you lose yourselves in the maddening pleasure of the flesh and the intoxication of true power.

This is a hidden school. These are mysteries for a reason. But in a world that cannot get any darker nor more violent, I have been told it is time for these secrets to be revealed. †