Bringing Heaven Down to Earth...

Shibari Healer. Artist. Writer.

Welcome to My Site 

If you are craving something  real, something deep, 

something beyond the mundane, 

you are in the right place. 

I am a channel

a healer

an artist

a writer

a mother

a friend.

Most importantly, 

I'm  a woman

on a journey to feel

to feel deeper

and then to feel more

and hopefully inspire you

along the way.

I am black satin and lace

I am warm moonlit nights

I am the liquid fire, in the dark, wet earth.


I am destruction and nourishment. 

I am desire and lust.

I am death. I am birth. I am resurrection.

I am bliss. I am despair. I am endless rapture.


I am chaos and  the void.  

I am Eros the Bittersweet. I am Queen of the Underworld. 

I am Truth and I am Compassion. I am gentleness and a devastating force. 

 I am everything. I am you.


 I am life.


What to Expect

 What this is...

A dance with the erotic.  

Divine desire made manifest. 

Feminine chaos at its finest.

An art  gallery. 

A frequency transmission.

An offering of the world that I am. 


What I am...

A writer, a channel, a dancer,  a muse. 

An ecclectic elixir for the body, heart, and soul. 

What I am not…

I am not for your mind. 

There is nothing here for you to make sense of. 

Only to receive and feel.  

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