Embodied Eros + Love Alchemy

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth...

Welcome to the Virtual Temple…

If you are craving something  real, something deep, 

something beyond the mundane, 

you are in the right place. 

I am an earth portal of the Rosetriune, the Dark side of the Light, 

Priestess of the Jaguar lineage.

 I am not for the faint of heart, nor for those who wish to toy with the energy of the feminine.

I am in service to Desire, and to what Truth brought you here for. 

My medicine is bittersweet and sometimes hard to swallow. 

I am not here to soothe you. 

I am here to guide you on the path of  your healing and transformation. 

This road is rarely comfortable and certainly not easy, but for those who are called to it,

 I will show you the way…


I am black satin and lace

I am warm moonlit nights

I am the liquid fire, in the dark, wet earth.


I am destruction and nourishment. 

I am desire and lust.

I am death. I am birth. I am resurrection.

I am bliss. I am despair. I am endless rapture.


I am chaos and  the void.  

I am Eros the Bittersweet. I am Queen of the Underworld. 

I am Truth and I am Compassion. I am gentleness and a devastating force. 

 I am everything. I am you.


 I am life.


What to Expect

 What this is...

A dance with the erotic.  

Divine desire made manifest. 

Feminine chaos at its finest.

An art  gallery. 

A frequency transmission.

An offering of the world that I am. 


What I am...

A writer, a channel, a dancer,  a muse. 

An ecclectic elixir for the body, heart, and soul. 

What I am not…

I am not for your mind. 

There is nothing here for you to make sense of. 

Only to receive and feel.  

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