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Everything you need to know on your spiritual journey. This is a comprehensive ten module course intended for beginners or those who want a foundational refresher. Workbook, Ebook and meditations also included. Podcast library, discount shop and exclusive member's only products!

Lessons include:

Module One: Meet Your Goddess Self/Module Two: Harnessing Intuition & Energy/ Module Three: The Art of (S)elfish Selfishness

Module Four: Inner Childe Healing/Module Five: Divinity of Desire/Module Six: Divine Sensuality/Module Seven: Sacred Sexuality

Module Eight: Conscious Relationships/Module Nine: Foundations of Enlightenment/Module Ten: Magical Manifestation


Woke Pussy™ $10/Month

Everything included with the Goddess School tier  +

All things sensuality, sacred sex, and conscious relationships. Exclusive practices, online courses, journal prompts, meditations, movement classes and more! Discounts and exclusive items in the shop. Podcast Library & Monthly Circle/Mentoring Group included.


The All in Package $325/Month 

Goddess School + 

Woke Pussy™+ 

Weekly Private Sessions

Get everything in the Goddess School + Woke Pussy™ Tier + weekly 1:1 mentoring.


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