Bringing Heaven Down to Earth...

Welcome to My Site.

My Name is Penelope. 

 What this is...

This is a gallery. 

An offering of the world that I am. 

A dance with the erotic.  

Divine desire made manifest. 

Feminine chaos at its finest.

What I am...

I am a writer, a channel, an artist. 

For the body, heart, and soul. 

I was not made for your mind. 

There is nothing here for you to try to make sense of. 

Only to touch and to feel.  

Eros & Honey

I am black satin and lace

I am warm moonlit nights

I am liquid fire, in the dark, wet, red earth.


I am destruction and nourishment. 

am desire and lust.

I am death, birth and resurrection.

I am bliss and despair. I am endless rapture.


I am chaos and  the void.  

I am Eros  the Bittersweet.  I am Queen of the Underworld. 

I am Truth and Compassion. I am devastating force. 

I am you. I am everything. 


 I am life.


Writing the Erotic

Writing the Erotic is an exploration of how to touch our deepest longings and darkest desires. It is the process of connecting fully with the senses and our bodies, to be able to translate and create visceral experiences through our work. 


The Eros & Honey Podcast

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