To Her

My Exquisite Beauty, 

    I would first love to remark about the tension of this time apart. How delicious and tenuous, how excruciating it has been. I would like to confess all the ways I've felt your hands reaching across dimensions to find me, to touch me. The way your warmth materializes on my breasts, my cheeks, seductively caressing my lips. The way energetic tendrils of your delicate fingers delight in the wetness of my sex. 

 This etheric dance electrifies me, yes. But oh how I miss the pressure of your form against mine. The full weight of you pinning me down after a playful tussle and fight. My exquisite feline lover, how I long to roar and spar with you again. To be once again dominated in the way that only you can conquer me. Spilling the nectar of your loins all over my thighs, as you wrap yours around me, subduing my coy yet insolent rebellion. Knowing that I let you take me down, that I want you to. 

   I long for the way you open me ceremoniously and without hesitation. For how I melt at the first note of your voice, as it lands so sweetly upon my ears. The way the pulse of your longing beckons me to follow you across all space and time, through endless lifetimes, and world within worlds. 

   It is both comforting and maddening this indestructible thread between us. The incessant need to feel you inside of me is mystifying for its profundity. That it is born of both the desire to bring you here now, and of the undeniable truth that you are always with me, no matter how far away you may be.  


Eternally yours, 


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