Get Unstuck: Wanting to Want To

There are a myriad of reasons why we might be in resistance to something. I have found that humans are naturally a species of action, so when we aren't executing or following through on something, we need to examine why. A lot of times, it's because the thing we are supposed to be doing is a "should". Meaning, it isn't actually the truth of who we are. It is some external idea or belief that we have adopted. The point is, we really just don't want to do it. If you find yourself thinking "I should do this or that", understand that you don't want to do it at all. If it's something that must be done, you will have to reorient the way that you think about it, in order to get it done. You will have to focus on the benefits of doing the task that you are a complete yes to. 

Another way that we get stuck follows along the same lines, but is a little bit trickier. It is something that we actually do want to do, but for some reason, we just never get to the part of actually doing it. We get confused because it is something that we really do want to accomplish, and yet, we just can't get it done. When this happens, the question you need to ask yourself is "Do I really want to, or do I only want to want to?"  Wanting to want to, is actually you not wanting to. What it reveals is a place that you don't have approval for the truth of who you are and your true desires. It shows you where you wish you were different. In this case, you will need to accept that you don't actually want the thing. If you did, you would be doing it.

Look at what it means about you to not want the thing that you have been saying that you do want. What would it mean if you admitted that you don't actually want it? What about that are you trying to avoid? Wanting to want to, but not actually wanting it enough to do it, is a huge waste of time and your life force energy. It is so much better to simply admit and accept that you don't actually want to do it. You only want to want to. Wanting to want to, and believing you should do anything, means that you aren't actually on board for it. Accept the truth first, then from there you will be able to decide if your beliefs and assumptions are things you want to keep. You can always get to a place where something you should want, or things you want to want can become true, but it isn't likely. Trust your instincts here. If you cannot execute something, there is resistance in the way. Your resistance is always valid and is worth exploring. 

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