What is Erotic Embodiment?

The erotic has been demonized, and exiled into the taboo world of sex, but it’s so much more than what turns us on sexually. The erotic is our primal life force. It is the dark feminine of matter and the physical. Not only does the erotic make life worth living, it powers life. To be turned on simply means that you are allowing this primal energy to freely flow through you. WE usually only let this happen in a sexual content. But what if I told you, you could have it all the time? 

Erotic energy gives us the sensation of being alive in the body. If you have been feeling, stuck, stagnant, or lacking in creativity, it could be that you are not tapping in to your erotic flow. The way back to the erotic, is first through re-connection with your physical body. This is accomplished through basic bodily care. Once, you are fully fed and nourished, you can turn your attention to heightening your senses. After that, expanding your ability to hold arousal and turn on, will allow you to fully feel the pleasure of the erotic moving through you at all times.  

The erotic is everywhere. Feeling the pleasure of life all around you is your birthright. It can be scary and uncomfortable to open to the intense pleasure that the erotic can bring. Pleasure has been made a sin by so many ideologies throughout history. But feeling pleasure in our bodies, and in our lives, is precisely why we came down here. Erotic Embodiment is the process of opening to, and embodying the power and pleasure of the erotic in your beingness.  

Opening to erotic flow is a journey, and not one that is easy to do alone. I have outlined a step by step process in my book Woke Pussy™ Feminine Embodiment for the Modern Woman. I also offer 1:1 sessions to help open and clear the channels blocked by past trauma so you too can experience heaven on earth.  

For more information, purchase the book in the SHOP (Paperback avail on Amazon.com) Or schedule a free introductory consultation, so we can talk more about your goals and challenges and get you on your way. 

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