Introducing the Beyond the Veil Book Series!

Introducing the Beyond the Veil Book Series

As some of you may know I am a divine channel and I have recently decided to create an entire series of channeled books for your spiritual journey and reading pleasure. I have already contacted or been contacted by a number of Masters, Angels, and Guides that would like to contribute to this work. Each book will consist of wisdom and messages from the ascended being as well as a Q&A section and some personal commentary about working with their particular energy. 

Below is the list of current and upcoming titles...


Beyond the Veil Book Series

Morning Star: Channeling Archangel Lucifer

Queen of the Throne: Channeling the Goddess Isis 

The Archimedes Treatise 

Songs of Love and Loss: Channeling Rumi 

Wisdom of the Archangels 

Eye of the Moon: Channeling the Goddess Bastet 

Mistress of Dread: Channeling the Goddess Sekhmet


(If you have a specific deity or ascended being you would like me to work with, drop it in the comments!)