Memoirs & Metaphors: A Musical Sketchbook

Memoirs & Metaphors, is an ongoing project, an exposé of sorts. Where my studio albums are more like a highly polished formal event, this is like waking up with me the morning after…

This project is raw and exposed. It’s a place for me to share pieces that would usually never see the light of day. It gives me a place to tell you the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It gives me the space to present my art in the order that it was created, with all the imperfections and bad mixing to go along with it. It gives you the opportunity to hear me sing the words in the midst of the emotions they were born from. It gives me a place to tell my whole story. The story of the evolution of my heart, and the evolution of my art as well. 

I offer this to you as inspiration to tell your own story. To surrender the idea that art has to be perfect or even understood by anyone other than yourself. That creation is enough. That it will free you and teach you, and heal you. If you let it, it will open you to a deeper and more blissful connection with yourself and the Divine. It will help to add meaning and beauty to the endlessly random experiences that life throws at you.

Art in any form provides a record of the totality of the human experience. Not just what happens, but how we feel about it. What happens is ultimately neutral. What we feel about what happens, that’s what really matters. That’s our story. That is our unique expression of creation in this life. Feelings are real. Feelings are relevant. Feelings are what makes us who we are. Each one of us has a unique story. Vastly different than others sometimes, but the emotional palette with which we all paint that story is the same. 

You may not understand my relationship style, but you can relate to heartbreak and loss. You may not relate to my experience as a woman of color, or as a mother, but you can understand sacrifice and triumph. When we stop looking at the outward circumstances of everyone’s lives, what we find is that we are all connected through our emotional experiences. You may not connect to the circumstance someone is going through, but you can always connect to how they feel. Art is the great unifier. It is a universal language. It speaks to all. We all need it. You need it.

I’m here to encourage you to create. To write your own memoirs with your own metaphors. Art for art’s sake is enough. It’s doesn’t have to be good. If you do it often, you probably will get good at it, but that’s not the point. I didn’t start writing songs because I wanted to be a great songwriter. I started writing songs because I had to find a way to express what I was feeling. I had to find a way to make something beautiful out of the ugly parts of life. I had to find a way to purge thoughts and emotions that would have otherwise drowned me. So grab a pencil, some paints, your dancing shoes, your baking supplies, your sewing, your legos, whatever you got and join me. Let’s create together.

xoxo Penelope

P.S. Soon I will be offering creative challenges and contests to motivate and encourage you to play with me and make some art of your very own. Stay tuned!